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Meet Our Team

Our Co-Founders and Volunteers

iPrevail International Foundation was founded in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan by Todd and Tina Marinshaw and Dara Urbina, who each share a connection with the Philippines and have personal stories of triumph that have inspired them to do more to help these families towards long term recovery and healing. Through iPrevail, they hope to continue supporting families and individuals who are affected by any natural disaster and challenging life circumstances both here in the US and in the Philippines.

Travelling back and forth to the Philippines for more than a decade, the Marinshaw’s have personally witnessed poverty and have long since provided job opportunities to local Filipinos. Immediately after the storm, Todd, Tina and Dara decided to start a non-profit organization to provide aid to those suffering. Each one of them, along with other team contributors, are 100% volunteers. They understand the need for rapid relief and rescue, but know that in the long run the typhoon victims and the Philippines need much more than just handouts. As such, the iPrevail International Foundation seeks to provide long-term solutions to tragedy and loss: relocation and shelter services, job training and placement, life-skills education, and emotional and spiritual support systems. To date. iPrevail continues to carry out this vision in its own local community of Central FL, finding opportunities to provide long term sustainable support for needs BEYOND hurricanes and natural disasters. 

iPrevail has grown to 1,400+ volunteers to date, none of whom take a salary nor spend on admin expenses unless explicitly sponsored by our business donors. Our impact is felt on a daily basis as we provide community parenting to foster group homes around central FL, and assist the homeless in Orlando. We also help at risk youth and families in our community and continue to support families affected by natural disasters worldwide. We are now joined by more board directors and amazing program leaders who have stepped up to join our call to empower those we help to overcome and prevail.

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Todd Marinshaw


"Through life experience and having met my share of young athletes in our nation I have seen first hand the power of team work, resiliency and a never say die attitude.  I saw that if people find the inspiration from within themselves to rise above, the human spirit can conquer almost anything. This has led me to iPrevail, where we dream of helping families and individuals for life by empowering each person to transcend difficulties and come out winning."

Tina Marinshaw

Co-Founder/Program Director

"Being on the ground opened my heart to victims of calamities and natural disaster.  I want to see these families not only get food and water and much needed relief, but I also want to see them get back up on their feet and turn adversity into triumph, to be empowered to succeed, to be connected to families who will spur them on, believe in them, and see them prevail. This is my dream, this is my vision, and together with friends who share my heart, I know that iPrevail can make it come true."

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Dara Hibben

Co-Founder/ Fundraising and Development

"I have always had this deep need to help others, and I am particularly drawn to children who are less fortunate.  As opposed to just donating clothing, food or money, I see far more value in working with people to help them build a great foundation to become successful in their own right by teaching them the skills needed to make it on their own.  This is how the idea for iPrevail came about–the urgent need to help my homeland due to the typhoon, and the desire to continue to help others in need opened my eyes to an even bigger mission.  Our non-profit organization’s goal is to work with individuals to build the foundation and skills they need to be successful in their lives.  iPrevail’s mission is not just to “provide the fish”, but to teach people “how to fish” so that they will be able to eat for a lifetime."

Jean Green

Community Outreach Coordinator

"I spent my life as a banker and have always found joy in helping others. I lost my father when I was young, and our family woudn't have survived if not for the help of our community. So I always felt the call to give back by helping everywhere I can, whether it's Salvation Army, The Homeless Coalition, or Habitat for Humanity. After retirement I met some local volunteers from iPrevail and was drawn to how so many unpaid volunteers owned the responsibility of caring for their own community, reaching out to disaster victims, low income families, homeless folks and the youth in foster homes who live near us. I am honored to coordinate grassroots efforts in Oviedo and Central FL to care for those who are often neglected among us. I love working in the background meeting new people and neighbors and helping them realize like I did that making an impact doesn't have to be about just giving money or logging volunteer hours. It's delivering that meal, dropping off that grocery bag, gathering blankets and jackets,  taking out that foster teeanger on her birthday. It's as simple as caring for those who have lost hope and just need a little kindness, today.

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Robyn Burke

Case Manager

"I am a wife to a proud US Army Veteran and the mother of three incredible daughters.  I have lived all over the world, first as as a daughter of a US Naval member moving throughout the US every few years, then moving to Yokosuka Japan. Later as a student I made my way to Germany and became an Army Civilian working as a Lead Child and Youth Program Assistant serving children and families of our US Army. While working aboard I met a child who was removed from his home due to severe child abuse and neglect. Without hesitation, I volunteered to be emergency placement foster parent. This experience changed my life and led me down the path of Child Advocacy.  I found my passion in being the voice for those in need.  I became a CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocate where I was appointed by a judge assigned to an individual case to speak for the best interest of children in foster care.  

Now in Orlando, I am grateful to have found an all volunteer group like iPrevail where I can continue my passion helping those in need, from the poverty stricken, to foster children and local homeless individuals. I want to use my experience and resources not only to meet their immediate needs but most importantly to see them overcome their challenges and transition to long term recovery. 

Kierstyn Bishop

Volunteer Coordinator

"I am a wife, mother of 3 and homeschooler living in the Orlando area of Florida. I am inspired to serve others in various areas of ministry. We were blessed to adopt our 2nd child from Cambodia in 2002. I have dedicated my life to reaching out to those in crisis/trauma situations and especially have a heart of those who are often overlooked. 'LORD, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them- Psalm 10:17'

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Ryan Ruddy

Grant Manager

"After stagnating for a while, I overcame adversity and reinvented myself. I found myself working with at risk youth, building communities, and direct care in an addiction recovery center. At the suggestion of my highly supportive wife I began grant writing for nonprofit organizations and became passionate about fundraising as it allows me to be involved with the mission first hand in the field while bringing in necessary resources to accomplish organizational goals."

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iPrevail International Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3)

iPrevail holds a current FDR tax exempt certification and is available by request from authorized vendors.

iPrevail FL holds a current Solicitation of Contributions Registration Number CH40103*


A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll free 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) within the state. The registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.

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We would like to thank our partners and volunteers:

Elmine Ira Beard

Volunteer Translator

Tristan Bishop

Volunteer Content Editor

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