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Host a Fundraiser

Helping Can be A Lot of Fun


Office Party

Team Building by Giving

Nothing builds team spirit more than doing something good together! Ask your HR if they will sponsor simple drinks and hors d'oeuvres (or do it pot luck style) and get your boss or co-workers to donate a suggested amount for participating or bring a gift card to attend. And if your employer is feeling extra generous, ask them to match the event total!

Neighborhood Walk

Shape up and Help Out 

Get your shoes on and ask your friends to join a neighborhood or community walk!  It can be as small as your neighborhood or you can include neighboring communities. Share on social media or your email list for other people to pledge an amount per mile!

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Game Night 

Challenge Generosity

It's easy to raise money with board game playoffs!. Charge each individual or team a participation fee. Winners can also get pledges from friends if they win! This can be as small as a house party or as big as a neighborhood event!

Bake for Blankets

Sweetness for Comfort

Whether it's foster kids or homeless people, a blanket can be an item of comfort or a necessity during harsh weather. Involve your family and children to organize a "bake sale", where friends and neighbors can buy cookies in exchange for blankets!

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Backpack Drive

Go Get Their Backs

Help them have a great start by providing a school backpack filled with school supplies! It's easy to ask your church, your office, your gym, your local YMCA, and your PTA to donate a school supply bag that will go to foster kids or children from impoverished neighborhoods.

Garage Sale

Declutter and Donate

Many people are willing to donate used furniture and other gently used items and even volunteer to help on the day of! Add a lemonade stand and you are sure to raise enough funds to make an impact!

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Tail Gate

Football Fun For a Cause

Put down those tail gates, start up that grill, and invite some sports lovers to a football fundraiser! Volunteers can donate food and you can suggest a donation amount for friends and even strangers who want to sample the tailgate food. Add some drinks and you are sure to have willing donors!

Happy Hour

Wine Night for Gift Cards

Whether it's a set of $5 McDonald's gift cards to give to the homeless or kids through the school in an impoverished area, a $25 gift card for a new foster kid who needs some clothes or who is having a birthday, or a $50 gift card to feed a group home, it's easy to just invite a group of friends for a night of fun for a good cause.

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