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Todd Marinshaw


I grew up in Southern California and while I was fortunate enough to live a blessed life in a first world country, I am no stranger to personal adversity. After achieving the highest military rank possible in a 4 year span, I completed the Special Forces Underwater program to become a second class diver, allowing me to build a foundation of discipline, leadership, and personal responsibility. During  my 4th year in service, I was hit by a car while I was on my bike, and had my knee shattered. After surgery the Doctor told me I may never walk again.  I did not know how to move on and did not possess any other skill to build a career.

With the help of friends who encouraged me to look to God, be humble and believe God had a plan for me, I was able to pick up the pieces (literally) and have a new start. Fast forward to a few years later, I was blessed with a rewarding career in Business to Business Sales, I met my beautiful wife Tina and we started our own business. Over the years God has even saw fit to bless me with children and given me a beautiful family.

As our business grew both in the US and the Philippines, my frequent travels have opened my eyes to how difficult life really is and what true adversity really looks like in third world countries. Through life experience and having met my share of young athletes in our nation I have seen first hand the power of team work, resiliency and a never say die attitude.  I saw that if people find the inspiration from within themselves to rise above, the human spirit can conquer almost anything. This has led me to iPrevail, where we dream of helping families and individuals for life by empowering each person to transcend difficulties and come out winning.

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