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Lend a Helping Hand

Homeless Assistance

Feeding the homeless is a way for us to connect and identify individuals or families who need assistance to get out of homelessness. We aim to improve the lives of our friends on the streets by helping them through their transition to finding a home, pursuing education or finding employment. Or sometimes just providing shoes and blankets go a long way.

We started seeing these needs when we joined a grassroots effort in downtown Orlando called Hungry Sunday . Organized by a group of friends who go to different churches in Orlando, the group's motto is Don't GO to Church, BE The Church- calling out the need for people to live their faith through service. For almost 10 years, every second Sunday of the month, 200 of our homeless friends look forward to a delicious meal of sloppy joes and some good fellowship. It is through these interactions that we meet individuals or families who need assistance as they try to get out of homelessness. It can be as simple as someone needing furniture or someone needing help finding affordable housing or mentoring. We seek to connect our volunteers who want to help on a more personal level through the relationships we have built with our homeless friends.

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