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Dara Hibben

Co-Founder/Fundraising and Development

Born and raised in the Philippines until the age of 7, I moved to the United States where my mother knew there would be a better life and more opportunities for our family.  She was right, and I thank God everyday for the blessings he has provided me.  I always see and appreciate all that life has to offer, especially having begun my life in a third world country.

Part of my appreciation for life is embracing the fact that the harder I work the more I can achieve.  I possess two Associate’s Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree and currently working on my Master’s.  I was co-partner for an event planning company where we provided our services pro bono for a charity event.  I have been working at a law firm as a Litigation Technology Coordinator for the past ten years.  These have all been great working experiences, but my passion has always been in my desire to help others.  

I volunteer for various non-profit organizations such as the Arnold Palmer Hospital For Children and The Boyz II Men House, and in sending care packages for our Armed Forces to name a few.  I have also donated to organizations helping our local homeless citizens in Florida, organizations that helped in past natural disasters, and others involved in cancer/health awareness.

I have always had this deep need to help others, and I am particularly drawn to children who are less fortunate.  As opposed to just donating clothing, food or money, I see far more value in working with people to help them build a great foundation to become successful in their own right by teaching them the skills needed to make it on their own.  This is how the idea for iPrevail came about–the urgent need to help my homeland due to the typhoon, and the desire to continue to help others in need opened my eyes to an even bigger mission.  Our non-profit organization’s goal is to work with individuals to build the foundation and skills they need to be successful in their lives.  iPrevail’s mission is not just to “provide the fish”, but to teach people “how to fish” so that they will be able to eat for a lifetime.

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