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Friends of Foster Homes

Do Good Together

Foster children's needs go beyond basic food and clothing. We want to rally each community to connect, mentor and shower foster homes with the gift of encouragement, belonging and friendships.

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Clothing and Toy Drives

Every Little Bit Counts

Whether it's for impoverished neighborhoods and schools, or families facing homelessness or overcoming adversity, we help meet immediate needs so we can have an opportunity to help with long term recovery.

Homeless Assistance

Lend a Helping Hand.

Feeding the homeless is a way for us to connect and find, stabilize, and improve the lives of our friends on the streets. We want to support their transition to finding a home, pursuing education or finding employment.

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Natural Disaster Survivors

Help Them Get Back up On Their Feet

All too often we see families who suffer through natural disasters and personal tragedies quickly forgotten after receiving initial relief assistance. iPrevail seeks to go beyond first response, providing means to rebuild homes and recreate livelihoods in order to empower our beneficiaries to prevail through catastrophe and transcend to a new beginning.

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