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Ryan Ruddy

Grant Writer

I grew up in Daytona Beach Florida. I was blessed enough to have parents who would stop at nothing to build themselves up while raising 3 children. Being the first born to a set of young parents, I got to understand how difficult life could be. Not to sound cliché my parents had always known that someone had more difficulties and would not let me forget it.  Both of my parents would work long hours to make sure my brother, sister, and I were cared for. Throughout my life I had always wanted to help others who were in need of assistance. I desired to become a SWAT team member or federal agent, but a slew of injuries would not allow me to serve others in such a manner. After earning a master’s degree I still did not know what I wanted to do. After stagnating for a while, I overcame adversity and reinvented myself. I found myself working with at risk youth, building communities, and direct care in an addiction recovery center. At the suggestion of my highly supportive wife I began grant writing for nonprofit organizations and became passionate about fundraising as it allows me to be involved with the mission first hand in the field while bringing in necessary resources to accomplish organizational goals.

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