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Helping Hurricane Dorian Survivors

For Giving Tuesday, we will be raising money for a family that have lost their home and livelihood in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian’s devastation of the Bahamas. Most of the first response charities have come and gone but their road to long term recovery is bleak, and they need us now more than ever!

Kim, Jetson and Yohance escaped ceiling high waters and are currently living with family members in Homestead, FL but are in dire need of personal items, warm clothing, shoes and money for living expenses. They are hoping to work to get back on their feet but current government regulations do not allow them to, nor do they have anything to come back to. Please join us in helping them make it through this time. For monetary donations, please dona via our Facebook Giving Tuesday Fundraiser.

For new and gently used clothing donations, please check out their sizes and list of needs


Before Hurricane Dorian, life was not perfect but for us it was the closest thing to it. I was a self employed chef and owner of my own home based catering business. My son Yohance Hall worked along with me and together we made an honest living. What we made financially afforded us the opportunity to live an upper middle class lifestyle. We lived in a large 2 bedroom apartment complete with TV room and den and owned 2 cars in a very quiet and peaceful neighborhood by the name of "Bahamia". My other son 'Jetson Hall' also resided in Freeport, Grand Bahama and lived alone in a 1 bedroom apartment. Upon arrival of Hurricane Dorian he had no choice but to take refuge with us, seeing that his area was one of the first to flood. The aftermath left us literally homeless with no form of shelter and unsure of where another meal would come from. Inspite of it all. We remain strong. We have lost all of our physical possessions but we remain grounded in our faith and hope that we will be given a chance to begin anew.

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