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iPrevail Volunteers Teach a Craft Class to Help Foster Teens Learn a Hobby and Prepare for a Disney

Families across America prepare for their upcoming Disney trips by designing a matching family shirt to wear to the parks. The teens at the Winter Garden Teen Foster Home were able to do the same and learn a new hobby the weekend of their recent Disney trip. iPrevail volunteers including Kiersten Bishop planned the evening and donated supplies.

iPrevail volunteers loaded tools from their craft room and traveled to the Winter Garden home for an evening of creative fun. The girls chose the Disney castle silhouette with their names on the back as well. The wonderful thing was to see the girls work together to make their own shirts and the shirts of the girls who were away and unable to attend the class. House Mom Lori Burns assisted with the crafting as well and encouraged the girls in learning vinyl crafting. Future classes are planned to further explore this type of crafting with the 6 young ladies who live at the home.

Special thanks go to the mentors of the young ladies who donated tickets for the entire house and house mom to attend Epcot and Animal Kingdom. A super fun craft night and Disney day was had by all thanks to iPrevail volunteers. Thank you for giving the girls a new hobby and a fun day of memories to cherish.

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