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"What's Strong with You?"

On Wednesday, August 9th, the young ladies from the Oviedo and Winter Garden homes came together for an afternoon of learning about their strengths. This was done using an online assessment entitled StrengthsFinder, which is designed to reveal each individual's unique, natural patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. After each girl's results were sent to our trainer, Cindy Pilling, she came and taught the girls through a presentation called "What's Strong with You?" This presentation encourages people to see others through a new lens, by focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. She helped identify what makes us unique and touched upon healthy boundaries within our strengths.

Earlier in the summer, the staff was also trained in this area so that they could gain tools as to how to talk to the girls about their strengths. We are hoping this will get conversations happening as they start the new school year, as well as help build their confidence with a greater awareness of who they are and what motivates them.

This initiative is designed to help the teens as they age out and make decisions for college/career focus. We are very excited about the potential impact this can make in their lives. Thank you Cynthia Pilling for leading us and Sharon Pomales, who delivered an amazing dinner! And thank you to everyone who sponsored a child for the assessment.

For more information on StrengthsFinder go to:

If you have any questions for Cindy Pilling and the "What's Strong with You?" program, please contact her at:

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