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Warriors at Heart

Our first outing with the awesome boys from the Cocoa Group Home of Friends of Children and Families was filled with action, fun, great food, and laughter! Foster Friends of Oviedo volunteers were joined by longtime iPrevail donors and volunteers. Through donations from local companies and individuals, we were able to gift each boy with a custom gym bag with their printed name, fleece blankets, slippers, toiletries, athletic shirts and shorts, and custom jerseys of their favorite sports and hobbies. We had the pleasure of having Bob Parker, a local barbecue legend, smoke donated farm fresh chicken and wild boar and it was a feast!

The boys were thrilled and played for most of the day. Battlefield Orlando offered for the boys to come back and play for free in exchange for suitable work. Their resident photographer Brady of PBB Media so generously gave us preofessional photos of the boys in action.

It is easy to say that through teamwork and the community pitching in, this event was a great kick off and one that will be followed by other team building activities with the boys!

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