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The Story of the XBox

This is a simply story of how generosity is contagious. It shows the power of a single act of kindness, when compounded by compassion, results in exponential impact. A single person took a single step to meet a single need. Another noticed and joined in. And they told two friends, who each told two friends, and so on and so on. Until enthusiasm caught fire and kindness went viral.

Each of us has our own story. Each of us bears our own fair share of struggles. Yet, no matter what we face, there is nearly always someone right in front of us, facing something just as daunting, if not more so. We often underestimate the impact a single act of kindness can have on the lives of another. When we look up and notice needs around us, when we take the smallest step toward meeting one of these needs, the tiny pebble we throw into a little lake can grown to a mighty wave in a vast ocean.

That one xbox donation to these foster children turned into an outpouring of love and support. In a few short months, over 500 different people have stepped up and leaned in. Hundreds of people have sent a message to the needy children in our community. Small actions loudly shouting, "you matter." "You are someone." "You are important." "You are LOVED!"'

We invite you to lend your voice to the chorus and your hands to the work. The heroes in the story are the families who've adopted these children, the group homes who foster these children. And they need us to continue to come along side them, to help bear the burden and help shoulder the load. We invite you to be a part of this powerful wave of positivity.

The Very First Event- Barbecue at Oviedo Home

Credits to Leslie Monroe Photography for the pictures

To join us, please go to Foster Friends of Oviedo .There are many daily opportunities to help deliver meals and meet a quick need. For tax deductible donations, you can donate to iPrevail where we direct 100% of your donations to meet specific ad hoc needs of foster children and support several foster homes in Central FL. Examples of expenses include Team building events like Art Classes, Paintball, College Events, Career Motivation Events, birthday boxes..and maybe, another used Xbox:-)

You can also donate to the Foster Homes Directly via Friends of Children and Families..


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