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Luz S

"I am Luz S working as a tailor in Manila for almost 5 years. I am begging for any help for my two siblings, cousins and nephews who were affected by the super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan which hit Gen. McArthur in Eastern Samar.

They all lost their homes and they have nothing to eat. My sister has six children and one is still missing.According to my relatives, my sister is currently suffering trauma. My sister’s livelihood is from copra, fishing and weaving nipa hut. All of which have been badly affected by the typhoon. We are unsure if there are any plans of relocation or rebuilding as we have not had any form of communication with them for one week.

My main objective in the meantime is to get my sister and her children so I can look after them here and my nieces and nephews can continue their education. Any help will be greatly appreciated. God Bless."

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