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Jaime L

"I would like to beg you for your help for my family in Guiuan Eastern Samar that was totally devastated during Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) . My parents and my relatives are in Guiuan Eastern Samar and in Tacloban.

I would like to share some stories during the first phone conversation with my sister named Maria Lyn who was in Tacloban during the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The wind is very horrific and high waters in the sea like a tsunami struck the sea wall of Tacloban which protects the whole city. Luckily she was able to survive in the grace of God and was able to evacuate to Catarman, Northern Samar after the typhoon with the help of her boss who owns a lending company. She left all her belongings except her birth certificate. After communicating with my sister I waited for calls from Guiuan Eastern Samar but did not receive any. I was worried for almost 7 days and couldn't sleep because my father works at Guian Terminal as a security guard with different schedules and my mother's work is a market vendor in a market in the town of Guiuan. After 7 days we received calls from one of my brothers named Magdalino, with the help of US troops that have communication equipment stationed at Guiuan.

Thank you for the US troops for the immediate response. I'm very happy that all my family members are safe but one of my brothers named Mario is in trauma because he has a one year old baby and he has nothing nothing to feed his family, because there is no food for his child, his only way of living was totally damaged and gone because he was also a vendor in the wet market and part-time trainer. My parents house was totally damaged, there is no food to eat and because some of my nephews (children) are getting sick and there is no medicine to take. My hometown is totally devastated by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). As per my brother, they are fighting for survival, they do not know where they can find food and when they can start again. Some people are depressed because they have lost hope for their lives and some are leaving the place with no direction.

I'd like to appeal to those people in America who have generous hearts to give. Please help my family to build a new home where they can be sheltered ight and day. My heart is in grief and sorrow because I am also not capable of doing so because I have my own family to take care of and my financial capacity is very small Thank you very much and God bless."

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