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Adelfa A

"My name is Adelfa. I have family in Julita, Leyte who are victims of the devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). 

Almost all of my mother’s siblings live in Leyte.  My aunts, uncles and cousins from both sides of my family are there.  Most of my family who live there rely on farming as their livelihood.  I had not been able to get a hold of any of them after the typhoon. I had called multiple times but unfortunately, I had not been able to contact even just one of them.  On November 11th, Monday morning, I texted my sibling who lives with my aunt, my father’s sister, to get an update on what was going on in our province. She said that our uncle made a call to Manila to inform [us] that they (father’s side of the family) are all alive but have no food and no shelter as their house was fully destroyed during the typhoon.

The last piece of news that we received from them was that they have been sleeping on the streets and no relief goods have reached their town yet. As far as my mother’s side of the family, we still have not been able to contact them."

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