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pre·vail /priˈvāl/ verb 1. prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious. synonyms: win, win out/through, triumph, be victorious, carry the day, come out on top, succeed, prove superior, conquer.

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We are an ever-growing group of volunteers who strive to make a direct impact on the lives of those in need in our communities and beyond. Our purpose is to equip and inspire, so that others find hope to persevere and strength to prevail.

Our support extends over and above initial crisis response. We are committed to consistent care along the long road to full recovery.

As we aim to assist, we've met many who share this heart to help. Yet so many willing men and women are unsure where and how to begin.

Our mission is to connect you with those who long for and need your strength, wisdom and skill. We aim to help you powerfully influence and impact those who most need the exact resources and gifts that you alone can contribute.

Our History

Pay It Forward, One Family At A Time

iPrevail began as an international disaster relief foundation. What differentiates iPrevail is our depth of commitment to personal involvement. We focus on building deep relationships in impacted areas, in order to aid long-term recovery.

IPrevail has assisted families with extensive disaster recovery services in countries such as the Philippines. These services include:

  • Financial capital for survivors to rebuild the walls and roofs of their homes

  • Funding to restore demolished businesses, in order to resume the ability for parents to work and provide for their families

  • Relocation support, allowing survivors to move to cities with functional economies, so they can continue earning income to support their families


Our experience supporting international disaster recovery led us to an awareness of comparable needs in our own communities. In particular, we saw a parallel between the impact of natural disaster on a community and of family disasters on the children in our local foster care system as well as impoverished and homeless communities.

We realized that the core of our mission applies not only to destabilized families abroad but also to the destabilized families in our own neighborhoods. In response, we have made a local commitment as well.

Whether globally or locally, we aim to identify unique and pressing needs and to work closely with individuals to see these needs met. We strive to help others regain safe living conditions and build the skills needed for long-term self sufficiency.

Locally, we partner with other groups in order to carefully identify opportunities where we can provide maximum benefit. Next, we engage our network of volunteers to craft and execute strategies that enable the most direct and personal impact.

Our greatest strength is our network of passionate volunteers, each with their own story of overcoming adversity. These men and women continually seek to roll up their sleeves and personally become part of helping others prevail.

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Friends of Foster Homes

Foster children's needs go beyond basic food and clothing. We salute families who adopt and homes that foster and want to rally each community to support them by showering them with the gift of encouragement and belonging and create activities that support their need for mentoring, life skills, and connection.

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Clothing and Food Drives

Whether it's for impoverished neighborhoods and schools, or families facing homelessness or overcoming adversity, we help meet immediate needs so we can have an opportunity to open doors for long term support. We connect our local community to these needs by enlisting their help to provide gently used clothing and toys to families in need.

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Homeless Assistance

Feeding the homeless is a way for us to connect and identify individuals or families who need assistance to get out of homelessness. We aim to improve the lives of our friends on the streets by helping them through their transition to finding a home, pursuing education or finding employment. Or sometimes just providing shoes and blankets go a long way.


Natural Disaster Survivors

All too often we see families who suffer through natural disasters and personal tragedies quickly forgotten after receiving initial relief assistance. iPrevail seeks to go beyond first response, providing means to rebuild homes and recreate livelihoods in order to empower our beneficiaries to prevail through catastrophe and transcend to a new beginning.

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Proverbs 11:25

"The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed."

Contact Us

Get in touch with iPrevail International Foundation to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.



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Mailing Address: 1809 E Broadway St Oviedo, FL 32765

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