Oviedo Community Helps Raise Funds for Foster Group Homes in Central Florida

Over 100 people attended a fundraising dinner at Cafe Panuzzo on June 7,2017 in support of Foster Friends of Oviedo, an all volunteer social Facebook group dedicated to providing community parenting and support for local foster group homes across Central Florida. The dinner and raffle, which was organized by Oviedo local residents, raised more than $2000 through raffle tickets and a generous 20% of revenue donation from Cafe Panuzzo. The group started under the wings of iPrevail as a program to "adopt" foster homes in the community. In the past 5 months since it's inception, there have been 800 active members with the goal of providing community parenting and normalcy to the group by deliver

5 Things To Love About Living in Oviedo

Image Credit: Emma Reichart (My Oviedo) We all know that Oviedo has been mentioned in "top cities to live" lists in multiple publications, but what strikes me the most, what really makes me smile are the intangibles... Between my three kids' activities and selling art at shows, I get to meet a lot of people around town. From getting to know young families to older folks to city officials, it got me thinking about the things I love about our town. 1. In this town, we support one another's endeavors. We try our best to attend each other's events and activities. Just look at how many small businesses and work-from-home ventures we manage to support. We understand the old adage that anoth


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